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Dance Fitness

Groove Into A Healthier You!

 Dance + Workout =

Dance Fitness Fusion


Twerk into Fitness!

Twerk + Workout = Twerkout

HIIT Workouts

High Intensity Interval Training - Home Workouts that create results!

Bonus Classes

Majorette Dance: African Dance : Jump Rope : Boxing Basics  

You have 24hrs in A Day

What are you doing with your time?

Take 30 out of your 1440 daily minutes to make yourself a priority. You are you’re longest commitment so why not use your time wisely and create a healthy lifestyle?


Fitness is a lifestyle that should be fun & easy to incorporate in your daily routine.


- Grove into a Healthier You! –

Access a vibrant & hip hop based workout with just a click of a button! This is an online fitness program that provides fun home workouts at your own convenience!


 Log in anytime and follow along with each video.


You'll build the ultimate fit physique w/ Assetworkx Virtual Fitness right at home! 

We combine strength & cardiovascular training, balance, flexibility,

plyometrics, core stability, kickboxing and isolation moves

that help to create long lean muscles.


Dance + Workout = Dance Fitness Fusion!

Fitness on the Go


Custom Workout Playlist 

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