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Mind"Seed" - Phase 1 🩵

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How many times have you picked up a new exercise regimen and discontinued it shortly after starting? How many times have you made plans to wake up early each morning and get a workout in but hit that snooze button and said...tomorrow? Let's be real... we ALL struggle with inserting fitness into our everyday life! WHY??? 9x's/10 it's because we set unrealistic goals and get discouraged when we realize that they're unattainable. A Tree has several Lifecycles.. The 1st one is conception: SEED - Conception; planting, sowing, fertilizing a foundation for growth In our MindSEED Course, we will begin to laydown our intellectual foundations to insure a healthy, grounded mindset that will push us through our fitness journey. This is a mind preparation for the upcoming weeks of your fitness course. We will renew our minds with positive affirmation : We will motivate our minds with inspirational quotes : We will prep our bodies for acceleration by slowly eliminating the toxic things that weighs us down. We will map out our schedules to see how easy fitness can be inserted into our everyday life!

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